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Old 2013-04-09, 01:13
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Cool Note To Show How Funkae Reason Really Is!

Check out the song Funkae! Artist - 2SO4 - The original H2SO4 from the U.S.! The majority of the music was either done or redone with reason.

Poison Fan
Old 2013-04-09, 01:28
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Dude, I whipped out my old Jerry-curl. Awesome, really different from what is usually uploaded here and that's why I like it. Real people playing real (?) instruments. Rock on.
Old 2013-04-09, 14:16
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Pretty cool stuff! I wonder what version they were using.
Old 2013-04-10, 15:28
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Diggin the Funk quite a bit. Super awesome link. Liking the quality of those tracks.
Old 2013-04-10, 16:56
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Reason 5/ Record 1.5; and Reason 6
Poison Fan

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