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Originally Posted by KevWestBeats View Post
Not dead yet but I think they will be soon for most. I expect them to keep making Pcs but I also expect to see less families with computers and more with mobile devices unless a person has a specific use for a pc. Music writing, hardcore gaming, video creatition, photoshop ect. Something that really does take advantage of a computer. The msinstream uses computers for Farmville. A cell phone will do that
What are your thoughts on essay writing, databases, spreadsheets? How about tv recordings on computers? And do you actually feel comfortable browsing and buying on the Internet with mobile? What about big screen viewing dual screen multitask work, keeping refills and reason on disk?

And again I am typing on this archaic touch screen with no response to feel. I can't even fast type the screen is so small. And what happens when I want to view multiple directories to organize, copy and paste. How about backing up all my data on a second drive without using the cloud for security reasons. And games are they going to stop long enough for tablets to catch up to the processing speed needed for them? Games like tropico4, elder scroll. And will computer processors with their extreme heat needing fans and water coolers, will they get into the tiny space of a tablet. How about hooking up peripherals like a mouse future peripherals? I'll stop at this point.

I doubt highly tablets will ever conform to the processing speed of a computer, let alone multiple peripherals and process heavy games. I hate that tablets today cant even get half of need for speed on them, cut short videos, stories cut short, options cut out. Phew. What a mouthful eh?

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