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Old 2013-04-15, 17:06
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Originally Posted by Jchop76 View Post
Is there a proper way of hooking up an external mic preamp to the balance?
If so how.

And is there a proper way to hook up a headphone amp. I have a Presonus HP4

any help would be great.
Use the line inputs for the line output of the microphone preamp. Many headphone amps can take a TRS 1/4" (stereo) input, which would come from Balance's headphones output. You could also try the line inputs on the phones amp, but you'll need an "insert" cable that has a male 1/4" TRS jack on one end and split to two mono 1/4" jacks on the other (one for left, one for right). Keep the Headphones Level low on Balance to not overdrive the inputs when using this configuration. :-)
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