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Originally Posted by soniclover View Post
When using a single comp-row I used to cut some sections and moving them forward or backward in order to improve their timing. I then use the time-strech function on the other slices to close the gaps. When listening to the whole clip the timing has of course improved but I hear too much clicks and artefacts. Then, I have to maually adjust the levels in the transisions in order to get a perfect result, and this takes a lot of time. It would be nice if Reason had a function like "smoothen clip transitions" or "automatically create crossfades" and does this work for me. (Doubling the comp-row doesn't help in this case).

I found a solution after all:
1. You have to "join clips" first and then make crossfades.
2. If you still hear clicks it's because you have some cuts in the clip which you can't see at first sight. Zoom in to where the clicks are and remove the hidden cuts. The audio track should be perfect now.
Hey Soniclover: Thanks! Your tip helped alot.

Audio Clip Editing in Reason seems to be comprised of three parts:
1. Layout and edit your clips in the Sequencer Window.
2. Join adjacent clips together with the Join Clips function.
3. Go into the Comp Editor to edit all of the crossfades on the clip you just joined.

Audio clip editing in Reason is a combination of the Sequencer Window and the Comp Editor. It has taken me a LONG time to get this idea in my head. I think this is rather counter-intuitive. And there is no documentation that I can find that states this clearly.

So you are exactly correct: Join the clips and then go into the comp editor and do the crossfades. The reason this was not clear to me is because I was using a single comp row, not multiple takes on multiple comp rows.

ugh - many months of frustration on this point. but finally a solution. Thanks!

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