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Originally Posted by thething View Post
YES !!! I agree ... I HATE Cubase it seems to get worse with every new release. I have completely stopped using it as my DAW I only use Reason now ... Reason is SO MUCH BETTER and so much easier than Cubase, but I have a TON of really VST instruments and plug-ins ...that I invested in over the years with Cubase ... it would be AWESOME if Reason offered VST support.
When reason 7 appears you'll be able to use them.
You'll just need a vst host, some loopback software an a couple of virtual midi cables

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I wonder if Fender get many emails from people asking them to make a Les Paul?
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Originally Posted by Ligumo View Post
I wonder if Fender get many emails from people asking them to make a Les Paul?
Ive been emailing Gibson for weeks, asking for a Telecaster. They just dont listen to their customers I guess.
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Originally Posted by ohmenofficial View Post
We need massive!
I agree, a good wavetable synth is definitely something that Reason lacks
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Originally Posted by penguinoid View Post
I agree, a good wavetable synth is definitely something that Reason lacks

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Originally Posted by rlinden View Post
The biggest question as always. 90% of all Reason users wants VST support. Will it be available in Reason 7 and if not, why?

I have contacted all the major VST developers and no one will make their products for "Rack Extensions". I am so tired of having to use Cubase for VST. Rewire, yeah sure but... it sucks.
If you want VST's in Reason the UA Apollo and Muse will have you cover for your VST needs. Problem solved.
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Originally Posted by wizardry View Post
please no vst! im perfect on creating my own sounds!

if you know what you doing in reason you don't need vst

refills and RE'S are enough
For some people working at mcdonald's is okay but the thing is to have that option would be nice every vst maker may not embrace the RE format you have to consider that also what would be smart for a lot of vst makers is to make their vsts in both formats.
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You'll just have to go back to the Propellerhead store and buy their approved rack extensions.
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With MIDI out you can port out to a Virtual MIDI driver, then set the stand alone version to that driver, and reason will control it.
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Thumbs down To all AU/VST Haters.

I never understand you lot crying that "YOU DONT" want AU/VST support?

I dont use "Blocks" ever so i never press the "Blocks" button.

So for me it doesn't exist or effect me in any way.

Lets say for arguments sake that Reason had AU/VST support and that there was a nice button next to the "Blocks" button that lets you add VST's to the rack.......

NO ONE IS FORCING YOU to press the fact if you never pressed the VST button.....nothing in Reason would change for YOU!!.......EVER!!

A Lot of people actually DO want AU/VST SUPPORT in Reason and in a way.....Nearly 100% of people in this thread are doing there very best to stand in our way which is very counter productive and shame full in my opinion.

If you dont like something in Reason...thats fine...its your opinion.....Just dont think your speaking for the rest of us.

We know for a fact that we wont be getting AU/VST support any time soon but its nice to think that one day....we will finally have a ALL IN ONE DAW!!

For me this is the last magor update that Reason needs.

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