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Hiya! No, l'll go through it step by step:

1. I have Subtractor set up.
2. I have Matrix added to it.
3. I draw a random melody in Matrix
4. I arm the little Matrix replica panel in the recording area, for recording
5. I press the big Record button
6. I tweak around with Subtractor, and that green rectangle appears around whatever slider l tweak - nice
### 7. Now l decide to tweak Matrix. Remember, l am still recording.

The problem is: What happens now?

As it stands, all that l record is the most current Matrix pattern as a whole. That just repeats right the way through the recording that l make.

That is not what l heard while l was tweaking Matrix. What is played back to me is the final state of Matrix. I want the playback to be all that l heard, every little note the time cursor in Matrix passed over, while l was recording.

Hence l proposed 2 types of Matrix: (1) Pattern Patrix - the one that we have already (2) Live Matrix - feeds off Pattern Matrix, but instead records as piano roll MIDI note sequence whatever is played at the time cursor on Pattern Matrix.

Can this already be done? Or do you think it is a good idea to implement? Also see the extra options l listed along with that proposal, e.g. recording audio waveform in the actual recording area for Matrix, not midi note sequence.

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