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Originally Posted by Bonkhead View Post
My neighbour is almost 60 and uses reason essentials to record his guitars and play some rex drums and piano over it.
I'm 59 and a half and I'm trying to get you young'uns to break the molds with Zeppelin/Skrillex/Public Enemy/Gamelan grooves inside Reason 7. What makes you think pensioners need to "avoid going off their heads and causing havoc"? Currently I'm working on a Bowie type piece celebrating cunnilingus. What are you up to today, little ones?

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Although I appreciate the idea of a cheap version so people on low fixed incomes can enjoy the Reason revolution. Garageband is $15 and Reaper is $60.
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Back off son G'ma's going to drop the beat. All kidding aside they could just require proof of age drivers licence or aarp card. It's no different as far as threat to sales as the edu version.
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Old 2013-04-21, 01:09
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At 71 years old, Raja Ram is very active in the psychedelic scene, never stopped touring or producing albums with his much younger partner in crime. Of course your neighbourhood granny probably doesnt exist on a diet of LSD & magic mushrooms


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