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Old 2013-04-21, 03:36
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I want to make live, unrehearsed music. I have Ableton and it does 75% (clips, record MIDI, some decent FX, l think a synth in there somewhere too and l think a sampler too) of what i want, l have Reason and it does 75% of what l want (Matrix, synths galore, sampler). But l need all of what l want to make a seamless show - so l need some improvements or workarounds.

Short term: workarounds
Long term: suggestions to the creators of Reason for improvements

- Ableton is great "Live" if thoroughly rehearsed well in advance. But then the experience becomes less miraculous inspiration and more just skilled replay

- Reason has the sounds but not the Live performance

- There are a few more ingredients to the set up, but suffice to say, Matrix is important for me, even if it's not live music, Matrix can help me churn out music. I don't even want to make money from individual songs anymore, l want to just churn out impromptu free music, free in every sense. So l need a little more fluidity from Matrix, instead of being locked into pattern by pattern, l need the sequencer to record whatever notes are output at the time cursor on Matrix. This will allow me to:

1. Make music fast
2. Add some variability to the music l make, whilst churning the music out fast, i.e. without stop-starting Matrix

What's not to like?!
Old 2013-04-21, 03:44
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Originally Posted by dub08 View Post
Thor most certainly DOES let you randomize a pattern. Right click and see for yourself.
Holy. shit.
Been using thor since just after 4 was released ('07?) and never knew that. One of us needs to add that to the "Jeeez" thread.

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