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Closer to Nowhere (Predator mix)

Decided to remix a very old Trance track I did back in 2003. This time just using predator synths.

I'll warn you first, this def. sounds like older trance...and I have learned a lot since then.

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This doesn't sound like older trance it sounds like awesome trance! I think the echo-ing whistles before the kick dropped and during the break down were a bit too harsh (or present). I would also like to hear the arpy plucky trancey synth hit the higher frequencies. It also sounds like I'm hearing a pretty faint timbre that I think starts at 03:51 - you can really hear it at 04:19 (a three note progression?) but it doesn't sound like it belongs...maybe a dissonant note? I enjoyed the overall track and that's what really matters to be honest.
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glad you enjoyed it..and yes, the whistle sound is indeed too loud, now that you mention it.

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