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Originally Posted by triphop55 View Post
Sadly, while sweetwater has great inventory, and i have been a customer for over 8 years, I wish it was not so complicated to change sales engineers. My guy is terrible at responding in a timely manner, does not answer questions I ask, and seems to be trying to over sell me. I missed the zero interest financing on moog due to lack of reply. Nobody cared enough to address my complaint, just blew me off. i want to spend money, but will shop elsewhere, my well wishes that everybody else has a better experience, especially after 8 years....
I live less than a couple hours from Sweetwater (actually born and raised in Fort Wayne where they're located) and I can assure you that over the years I too have spent a lot of time and money with those guys and I recommend them to everyone. They have come to know my methods too meaning that when I'm ready to make a purchase I will call or go in and snatch up the first SE I can see to get what I want rather my actual advisor is there that day or not. It's nothing against my SE or anything, I just want what I want when I want it so I go to whoever is readily available to get it.

I've never considered changing advisors nor have I ever known them to compete against each other for customers or sells. They just like... Correction LOVE to provide great customer service. If you have a question email or call your advisor and if you don't get a call back soon enough call them and ask to speak with anybody about the information you need answers to. It's really that simple.
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