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Old 2013-04-23, 03:18
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Originally Posted by calmbird View Post
Hi Musicians!

Could you please help me with question bothering me
Is there noticable sound difference betwen Fet Compressor and builtin SSL 9000k compressor in main mixer?

Is it worth buying Fet Compressor? Or can I stick to builtin one?

Biggest difference is that the FET is more tweak able. The thing I hate about the SSL compressor is that it is hard to tweak the threshold. You have to use a combination of the threshold and input knob at the top of the mixer to get a good control. SSL is a quick and dirty compressor.

Both compressors are somewhat more coloring compressors. The FET is more so though.

I tend to use the SSL for more mild compression and the FET more so as almost a limiter. It works good as the last compressor in the chain to catch wild peaks. I would use something more transparent for general compression. Although the FET and the SSL can do it with tweaking.

That said if you are happy with the SSL, there is probably little need for the FET.

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