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Originally Posted by dub08 View Post
Lololl. For the millionth's NEVER the DAWs fault that you can't make something "truly professional" with it.

Seeing how Rack Extensions are only a year old and, R7 MIDI out gives you the VST (synths etc) workaround....anyone who is still complaining or waiting on VST might as well sell their license. That's the real "madness".

We already had the Blocks were totally that dude...wanting to remove my blocks. C'mon man.

The whole anti-VST thing is since Reason version many years is that? 12?
People that still don't get the point by now..? Thats just insanity.

EDIT: ok i googled it. Reason version 1 released in Dec. 2000.
Almost 13 years....uhh dont you think you would have better luck asking your other DAWs to be more "reason-like", instead of asking Propellerheads to change their plan? Seriously. They are the most steadfast; closed-system havin'; holding their ground; software gangstas on the scene. You lot ain't budging their stance on this one, I think.

Honestly, Im think the best you'll get is out of Props is a "wrapper" but, I guess with audio I/O and MIDI I/O you could just do it like 8 days from now

But hey...cheer up! I could be 100% wrong for all we know. Reason 8 maybe?
What is this workaround?cheers

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