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Old 2013-04-24, 23:05
sline sline is offline
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Samples (wav, aiff,...) and the file-browser

Already mentioned in "Faster File Browser", but I think it should be discussed separately.

Samples should also be shown/played/loaded in the file-browser, even from a device, which doesn't support samples (wav, aiff, mp3,...), like e.g. Thor. I don't understand why this works for patches only (e.g. Thor as device and NN-XT- or REX-patch). I'm searching for a sound, not for a device, so all supported files should be accessable within the file-browser, independent from which device it was opened from.

As we have some different devices for samples, this could be solved as follows:

1. An option within the settings, which default device should be used when loading a sample, or
2. a popup asking for the device to use.

It's very uncomfortable searching twice - first for patches and then for samples, but mainly just playing all filetypes would be a first good step!
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