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Originally Posted by Imunybvtcr View Post
Reason is a labyrinthine series of one-way and dead-end streets. You look for a way to fade a MIDI track, but they haven't provided the controls that are so handy in the audio segments, where you can do it so easily. You look for a way to create an automation track for global fades, but there is none. There is NO access to panning and volume in the main window. Using the mixer is absolutely maddening; you scroll up to the effects section and you have absolutely no indication of which track you're on, if you are colorblind!! Further, you CANNOT mute, solo, pan or adjust volume from ANYWHERE else than the bottom view of the mixer window. Muting and unmuting is a hair-raising experience because the various mutings from sequencer, mixer and rack views are hidden from each other.
You can't, I repeat can't, use the razor tool to cut midi notes in two. There is no step sequencer. There is no MIDI event list. ...zzzz
Today is your lucky day! All of this stuff except for two items at the end is already in Reason or on the way in a week or so with version 7!

You can't fade a MIDI track, only audio so you'll never "find" a way to do this no matter how hard you look! Global fades: automate the master fader. Access to panning and volume in WHICH main window? R7 has panning and volume in the Rack, obviously it's already in the mixer, and when automated it's in the Sequencer as well. When you detach the mixer you can scroll up the screen and still see the fader and channel name at the bottom of the window, same for muting/solo/pan/volume and in R7 all of these are in the Rack view as well. You don't seem to understand that Muting and Soloing in the Mixer and VERY different things from Muting and Soling in the Sequencer.

But you are correct that you can't razor a midi note, and there's not MIDI event list, two things I don't use in apps that have them so I'm biased there. There are two step sequencers in Reason, the Matrix and in Thor.
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