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Originally Posted by Rakrum View Post
My question at this point is: if you can "bounce to rex loop" and it makes the loop (and puts it in the sequencer? mute the original clip(s)? no?) why can't we have the same damn thing and "bounce to sampler track" to get an NN-XT going? I understand kong/redrum would have limitations on number of things, but that shouldn't be hard to program around...

In ableton Live you can slice to drum rack and if you have too many it says "we're only using the first 128" or whatever, could do the same with ReDrum and Kong...

But why, oh, why, not NN-XT??
Ahh right. Yeah, you'd have to save, and then load in NN-XT. Oh well, that's something for Reason 7.5 maybe
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omfg one million megahurz CPU

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