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Roland TB 303 rack ?

Please can anyone tell why the masters at Reason haven't made the Roland TB303 as a virtual intsrument ? I know they have it for I phone but why not pc ??????
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ABL2 perhaps
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Doesn't Rebirth connect to Reason via Rewire?

I really liked Rebirth's workflow, but l can't remember when l played on it, ages ago.

You can probably do the 303 on Subtractor / Thor, you just need the right preset sound to begin with, and l guess you will also have to artificially limit which dials and sliders you press, as the original TB303 / Rebirth's 303 had only a few dials. So l guess what l'm saying is, you've already got the 303 close at hand within Subtractor / Thor / Maelstrom etc.

But l have to admit the 303 on Rebirth was always "phat", accidental "hollow" sounds were never possible on Rebirth's 303. I wonder if it's possible to have that type of consistently phat sound on Subtractor, no matter where the sliders / dials are turned?
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I bought ABL2 for my acid sounds. sounds great.
Old 2013-05-01, 00:01
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But it's Ugly!! hehe!
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Yeah ABL2 is awesome. Programming ReBirth is an exercise in tedium.

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