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Originally Posted by inmatus View Post
Its about using the maximizer if u use Reason tools when mastering
Read the manual on how to..

Load e.g. the "empty and FX" as template when doing your song and the master chain is there for you..

I am not THE expert on this but in general I do like this:
-Get a good mix
-Set the levels to 0 db
-(I use Ozone tools and do multiple band compression -otherwise u can consider the compressor in the master suite of Reason)
-Use the maximizer according to manual and what your ears are telling you

When you export song as audio it be in WAV format. if you then plan todo an mp3 a good advice is to set the maximizer limiter level to 0.4 or 0.3 (I do 0.3 and seems ok). If you go for 0 db and generate an mp3 u can get distorision.

To get the loudness up (and thus the percived VOLUME) is about boosting the more quieter parts of the song and decrease the more louder parts. That will reduce dynamics (delta between weak passages and loud passages). How much dynamics you want or can live without is depending on music style..

But in general.. this is how u do it.

I think there are some mastering tips under substance..
IMO I'd say this is only a part of how to make a song louder - see my reply to your same question in the user forum for more suggestions:
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