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Hammond Clone

Why create a Rotor RE without before have created a B3 Clone (but not sampled like redikal piano, but phisical modelled, like many vst....) (+ VOX, FARFISA).
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You know who you should contact about this, people who keep asking for a B3 clone? Hammond.
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no, they would be the last people I would ask, Hammond himself back in the day, didn't even want Leslie Speakers Hooked up to his organs initially. I would ask the people who did re's for cloning a rhodes, wurly, pianet, and several grand pianos already. Oh wait, he did. Radical organs would be an instabuy from me as well.
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The new PM Hammonds are the best emulations around, to my knowledge... What would the Radical engine do for organs anyway? I thought you wanted a "clone."
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what I want is software. Hammond makes hardware, and they aren't going to be interested in undercutting their hardware sales by giving everybody a $100 software program that sounds just like their $2000+ stuff. So, I'm interested in asking people who are actually willing and capable of making an RE, and not those who wouldn't in a million years. props, certainly, but I had heard that Gsi was thinking of porting their VB3, but I think he was put off by the SDK, so anybody that can get me a physically modeled b3 has my vote.
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I have this from Selig. It's amazing (but very CPU heavy, so be careful).
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I confirm: Selig B3 is great.

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