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Old 2013-05-03, 23:06
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Originally Posted by KarmaShaman View Post
Sheesh, who cares. The musician makes the music, not the software. Let's not forget that the Beatle's recorded St Peppers using a 4-Track analogue device. An album that spend 3 months at No1 in the US charts and 6 monbths at No.1 in the British charts !

We either work with the (perceived) limitations we have, or change DAW's, its that simple. Props can't customise a release for every single user's specific desires.
For the same reason:
Writers makes books, not Microsoft Word, Apple Pages,....
Let's not forget that Shakespeare wrote "Hamlet" using a quill pen and an inkwell. A book that has been number one dozens years in the US schools and hundreds years in the UK theaters !

We either work with the rudimentary tools we have, or we can evolve.
Users can't buy a new release while evolution of software makers seems to be frozen.

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