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Originally Posted by JensenTNI View Post
While we are at panning, I twould be nice if Reason had a possible choice of different pan laws:

Pan Law 0 dB
Pan Law -3 dB
Pan Law -4.5 dB
Pan Law -6 dB

I guess the choice between -3 dB, -4.5 dB & -6 dB (for mono critical applications) would be more than sufficient.

For that matter, I'm not really sure what pan law Reason uses.? I guess the -3 dB wich would make sense.
Reason actually uses a +3 dB pan law, which I had not heard of before Reason (but it turns out it was not uncommon in the digital world). This means if you have a full scale sample on a mono audio track, and pan it to one side it will clip by 3 dB unless you lower the fader. Not sure what this pan law is good for and why they didn't just adopt a - 3 dB pan law.

In the end you can get exactly the same results with any pan law, it's only when you use a panner for 'auto-panning' that you would hear the difference. And if that's critical to you, you should probably be using a dedicated panning Combinator or RE so you can have total control over the auto-panning law. :-)
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