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Originally Posted by aaronquiroz View Post
Any chance you created one for malstrom? It is bad ass by the way, how you created the templates
Sadly I ran out of midi channels before getting to malstrom, but if it's more important to you than one of the instruments that's already mapped there, you could go to that page in the controller editor and click each control and it'll show you the settings on the assign page on the right side. That's how you tailor it to work with each button on the instrument.
-In controller editor, select the template on the right side, click the Edit dropdown, and select Duplicate and name it whatever you want. That way you can add controls to a new template without removing them from this one.
-In reason you bring up a malstrom while your on that page in controller editor that you want to change.
-Click options>remote override edit mode. You'll see blue arrows appear on the malstrom.
-Double click an arrow to arm it, then move the control on maschine to map it to that button or knob. You'll get a message confirming you want to delete the previous map for the button. Click through that and you're done.
-In controller editor you'll want to rename the page, and every button as you go along, so you know what you've mapped already.
-Once you've got it finished, save the reason file under the same name as the original template, but put "2" or "w-malstrom" at the end, toss it into the same folder as the original, and you're done
Oh, and thanks

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