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R7 Midi Sync OUT won't play

Hi there,

I have some trouble to make my Midi Sync Out working.

I have one Doepfer dark time connected via USB to a MACPRO. This is working fine with Logic.
I also have a Dave Smith Tempest connected to a MIDI Out of a RME Fireface UCX. This is also working fine with Logic.

When i select in the Midi préférences of Reason Midi Sync Out both Tempest or Dark Time won't play.

Maybe it's a misunderstanding between MIDI Sync and MIDI Clock...

Thanks for any help

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have you enabled the Send MIDI Clock feature in the Options / Sync / menu ?
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I'm on "Internal"

the other option are grey until a select a device in the Pref -> Midi Sync Clock IN

But no more result
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Any idee?

I just try all i can but no result and it's really easy to make it work with logic.

Is it possible to know if this is a bug as i don't understand. I'm really disappointed has this is one of the main new feature of this Version 7.

The clock is not working at all... No signal going out of reason thru Midi or USB.

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