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I used ART as an exciter in my latest piece. I set it to hi-fi and played with the transform and dry/wet mix knobs till it sounded good, A/B'd it a few times with the original, and was amazed. I've never enjoyed the results of software exciters I've used, but this was subtle and effective. I'm amused to see a number of people are already using it for this.

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Audiomatic on HI-FI preset doesn't sound like typical exciter for me. More like frequency booster. Exciter adds additional noise, more like ART on Circuit preset sounds like exciter.

Anyway, any news how to get the best exciter effect? For me Builtin Harmonic Exciter combinator is the best atm.
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maybe we get a dedicated RE for this soon..
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Yeah would be great. Well I think Factory Sound Harmonic Exciter combinator preset is very good. But if RE will cost like max 10€ why not then :P

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