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Originally Posted by 3rdFloorSound View Post
I didn't know there was a widget! Thanks for posting that

Hm, there's a way to install it? I can only open the html file in firefox
If your download appends ".html" to it, after you download, erase that part from the file name. Same thing happened to me. Should be a .zip.
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I think this is a natural part of the creative process ... save the song and move on.

It's worth keeping all the unfinished attempts and returning to them at some point in the future to see if any can be combined to produce a more complete or finished piece. You may be struck by a new wave of creativity that just didn't happen first time around.
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Originally Posted by wendylou View Post
If your download appends ".html" to it, after you download, erase that part from the file name. Same thing happened to me. Should be a .zip.
Oh, no I mean inside the folder there are only css, js, png, and plist files.
By opening the html I can get it to work in a new window in firefox.
Somewhere I have every card's text (compiled from every version) in an excel sheet and I'd planned to print them out. I'll have to find that. Maybe bring it to Staples to see what they can do on price when it's not a repeated print.
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^^ Wow it's suppose to be a Widget that should install by double-clicking, Then go to the Widget page to open it. But if you opened it in a browser, great!
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Well I always try to use every idea. Even if song doesn't sound epic, I record it anyway, and trying to tune it up. Catched idea always grows stronger, if you will abandon it, it won't grow ^^

But mby it's because I don't have to many ideas ^^
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Hi everyone first post here loving this place!

It's a nightmare when something that starts well goes to the wall and you end up hating it, happens to me all the time. Perseverance however can pay dividends on occasion. I recently struggled for days on a song but kept going away and coming back to it, finally the pieces dropped into place and it was a great moment when it was done
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History of my current project:

1) Did all the midi
2) Arranged it
3) Rough mix
4) Wasn't sure so layered some stuff
5) Maxed CPU, bounced the lot to a new song file to 'start fresh'
6) Did a proper mix
7) Realised I don't like it as much as I thought, and now it's hard to work on because it's all 7 minute long audio files
8) Started chopping everything up and putting it in samplers
9) Got myself in a mess because I have a full track mixed in with bits of midi
10) Now decided to create *another* song file and rearrange totally from the samples I have. Will probably do drums from scratch.

So yeah.
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Maybe try doing a different genre just for fun..try new new sounds and be creative..never stick to same playbook..thats what i do..
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Got my track sorted in the end, so perseverance paid off this time. Was soooo close to binning it though.
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Hi Wendy

I get that about once an album or so. Or if I have done several projects quickly (like recently) I can go through a patch.

I found it best to do what you can and then to let it go once you realize there is no "right way". Toss it away altogether, release it back into the unconscious so that it can come back again with a clearer focus.

I find that holding on stops you from seeing the muse clear a second time.

Sometimes I complete things and let them sit for a while and listen every now and then, just as if it were someone else's album Either I keep coming up with the feeling that it is too flawed or it's "brillance" suddenly shines through and I'm back in business.

Again, once I know it is full of holes, I give it back to the realms of possibility - Delete. Gone. Free to be tired again some other time with no baggage.

unless of course Enigma get there first, mumble, mumble...

Benedict Roff-Marsh
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