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Its the same principle as any automation lane In Reason,you draw in the parameter your wanting to edit and then slide the value up or down to select the data value you require on any given point on the time line...

Yes granted most sequencers show it as text rather than Reasons way of drawing it in but its workable with a bit of common sense.

You can do it another way if you would prefer to not have to input the data manually.

Create your External midi instrument device in the rack...

Select CC Dial select CC0 and then input the value in value field (you'll need to look in your Midi gears manual for the CC0/CC32 Bank Values)

Turn the CC dial to select CC32 and then input the value for that too

Then simply change the program value.

Or you can right click the CC Knob parameter in the rack(using edit automation)and manually input the data in the sequencer lane if you would prefer.

I have created a Combinator Patch,containing all EMI racks for all my external gear,that way when I create a new song I simply load up the combinator and then just have to adjust the Bank and Program values for each External midi channel to select the patches I Require for that song,its the same way as having a song header template just easy to configure by loading a combinator and not having to keep accessing editors,using a combinator this way its also easier to see all your External gears setups/program/Bank changes without having to go in to each individual editor lane like I would have used to do in my old Hardware sequencer.

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