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Opened Pro Tools. Created an Instrument track in PT and selected Reason as an insert. I created a simple Combinator setup with a mixer, 1 Malstrom and 1 Thor connected to the mixer. Selected a patch in each. Go back to PT and select Combinator 1 channel 3 for my MIDI routing in PT. Record some MIDI notes and cc7 messages in PT. Stop recording. Go to play the track and the notes play but Reason doesn't respond to the recorded cc7 messages. If I select the Thor for my MIDI routing in PT the track plays fine with all cc7 volume controls working as they are supposed to. Ditto if I select Malstrom. But if I select the Combinator in PT if I manually play notes and send cc7 messages everything's okay (notes and volume changes). But play the track in PT and no volume control.

So it's not the fault per se of the stock Combinator patches but something in the MIDI routing in Combinators isn't right. Like I said the manual is pitiful with regards to MIDI routing via Rewire - there's actually more if using external MIDI synths!
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