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Big List of Little Tweaks

Just few niggling things that i think could be very easily sorted out but would make a big difference to my work flow

"Replace with" - A button to replace a device with another, especially helpful when creating effect chains.

Choice when opening reason - Give me a dialogue box for what i want to do when i open reason. because i dont always want to open an empty rack and opening the same template or last song every time isn't necessarily helpful either.

Pinch to zoom in and out - not really a big issue, but i think all macs come with a track pad of some sort now, would be nice zoom by just pinching in and out like in every other program.

Combine audio files for comping - I'd love to be able to just select a bunch of audio tracks and combine them into one track for comping. right now i can only comp edit audio that has been recorded in one take which isn't how i record a lot of the time.

Punch in punch out - self explanatory.

Customisable Sequencer toolbar- love to be able to keep a few functions on the toolbar like quantise, legato, transpose. then maybe buttons to pull down rack or sequencer.

Flexible / simple blocks - i never use blocks purely because i have to go to a completely different part of the sequencer when making a song or know before hand which part of the song I'm making so i can put it into a block. don't see why blocks isnt just "always on". an extra bar above the sequencer which allows you to group and name a section of the song quickly for arranging.

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