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Novation Launchpad?

Hey guys before I buy... I would like to know how compatible the Launchpad is with Reason. Would it be pretty useless if i buy it to attempt to use it with Reason? If it is compatible, what would i have to do to connect the pad with Reason? Any input appreciated!!!
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What do you mean by compatible? like does it work with Reason? It's a midi controller, so yes, or do you mean for your workflow? that nobody can answer but you. Do you have a compelling need for a fixed velocity button grid? What do you want it to do? Anyway, in the end, it is like any other midi controller, you plug its usb cable in, and then you set it up with your host, and then you press buttons and it does things as per how those buttons are assigned.

There's also this:
which should make for a more useful experience.
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Well using the "edit automation" on any control on any of the instruments, etc then you should be able to use any of the buttons on your controller to do anything. I would recommend buying Peff's Directre, that would be ideal for transforming and cutting in loops using the controller, it also has 8 buttons so you could make 8 of them and then have each row on your controller match up.

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Okay thanks. I'm obviously new to all this so i appreciate it!!

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