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View Poll Results: Do you use the blocks feature in Reason?
Yes - It's improved my work flow. 33 61.11%
No - Don't even know what it is. 5 9.26%
Nah, Can't be bothered spending 5 minutes to learn it to save 500 hours in future. 16 29.63%
Voters: 54. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2013-05-16, 01:35
MediaSVI's Avatar
MediaSVI MediaSVI is offline
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Funny I put out a video today asking if people use Blocks...I record in Blocks!

Old 2013-05-16, 08:19
svenh svenh is offline
Join Date: Jan 2013
Posts: 81
No support for upbeats...

The main problem is that blocks don't support upbeats:
Old 2013-05-16, 08:24
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JustinCorza JustinCorza is offline
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I know what it does, but I don't use it. Why isn't there an option for this?
Old 2013-05-16, 08:45
musicbymartin's Avatar
musicbymartin musicbymartin is offline
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The poll options are loaded - the only option to say "No" assumes that this is because people are too lazy to find out how blocks work.

I use blocks sometimes, and find them useful, but at others times I deliberately avoid them, not because I "can't be bothered" but to avoid building too much repetition into my music.
Old 2013-05-16, 08:54
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Smedberg Smedberg is offline
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Originally Posted by svenh View Post
The main problem is that blocks don't support upbeats:

Yes, I don't use blocks because of this.

Perhaps the OP don't know Blocks fully, or is to lazy to find out?
Pressing "PLAY" is NOT a live performance...
It's called "playback"
Old 2013-05-16, 08:55
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Blocks were made for house and trance, well not really, but blocks would work very well with these genres. Blocks is all about consciously splitting your track into it's different sections as you produce, for example, intro, verse, chorus and outro/coda for the traditionalists.
But blocks do more than just split up your track, blocks actually make arranging easier and are also great for creating quick variations of the same loop.
James Bernard demonstrates blocks very well in one of his videos showing how to use a block/loop to create a build by chopping it up and repeating smaller sections of the block. Ok the video is about remixing with stems but it's interesting and does show a bit on blocks.
Old 2013-05-16, 08:58
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Ps, at the very least blocks are a handy way of storing midi clips, pieces of audio. Handy when remixing something, I quite often will load all the samples into a block and then just copy them as and when needed into the main sequencer. Avoids unwanted clutter in the main sequencer for me
Old 2013-05-16, 09:45
raymondh's Avatar
raymondh raymondh is offline
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Blocks are not perfect (They would be if you could stack 'em with layers of blocks), but they are very useful, especially in collaborations, and forming song structure. Good for quickly switching verses, choruses around too.
Old 2013-05-16, 10:53
misterc misterc is offline
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I'd use them if there was a select clips > right-click > make block feature.
Old 2013-05-16, 11:13
ProfessaKaos's Avatar
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I use them to mark sections of the song for easier navigation over the timeline, so I don't use them quite as intented

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