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Old 2013-05-15, 22:24
TabSel TabSel is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
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That was my question aimed at.

Isn't it possible to send midi out via Rewire with a midi out rack device in reason 7 Rewire slaved?
Old 2013-05-16, 03:22
Shawng101 Shawng101 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 77
OK, I just tested it, I did the following:

I opened SONAR X2.
I opened an instance of NI's Pro53 standalone synth (set to use my other soundcard, and LoopMIDI for my Midi interface)
I opened a rewire channel in sonar and had it open reason 7 for me
I created an EMI device in Reason and set it to use the LoopMIDI midi interface
I navigated back to sonar and set up my rewire track to recv MIDI data from my M-Audio Keystation controller.
I hit some keys, they played back through the other audio interface, and I was able to record midi in SONAR and play it through the EMI to Pro-53.
It works.

I would probably never do this for any other reason than to satisfy my morbid curiosity about your request, lol. SONAR does external midi just fine, and while I guess it can be cool to get some cv parameters in reason controlling a MIDI cc through another synth, It would be far easier for me just to use SONAR's automation lanes on a straight VST than to take all the time to set all this up, and I wouldn't have to compensate for all the latency. but hey whatever, being creative is cool and if this is what you want to do, it works.
Old 2013-05-16, 04:43
TabSel TabSel is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 65
Thanks anyway, but you missed the point

Try this, while you're at it:

Open sonar
Instantiate a pro53 vst plugin instrument track
Open a Rewire channel in sonar, let it open reason 7 for you
Now: create an EMI device in reason and set it to use the REWIRE MIDI PORT x (if possible, that's my question)
Create an arp in reason outputting notes to the EMi
Set up the sonar pro53 instrument track to receive midi FROM REWIRE MIDI PORT x

If this is possible, sonar would compensate of then Rewire latency inclduding Rewire, which isn't the case with a loopback driver, which is the reason I'm asking...

Old 2013-05-16, 05:19
Shawng101 Shawng101 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 77
ok, but that's even worse than what I thought you were asking me to do... Rewire MIDI is all handled behind the curtain, it does not show as an available midi device in your OS, so no, you can't select "rewire MIDI" in the drop down box in your EMI (and I did check it to be sure even though I knew what I would find)

Even if it did have that option, sonar would only be able to compensate for the latency that it's already expecting from Reason, It would have no way of determining latency from a third program not part of the rewire protocol. Rewire isn't magic, it all has to obey physics. at the end of the day you are using a VST host to play a VST through Reason, which is just weird. presumably you were going to use this setup to save all your midi data in Reason, and then open it later in reason standalone with all the latency taken care of?

what is a LOT easier is just using MIDI out normally, rendering to audio when you are ready, and manually snapping the audio to the timing in the sequencer in Reason. it's not really that big a deal. and if you just want to deal with the MIDI data and not render just yet, you can adjust the timing (not perfectly though) using the slide function in the ReGroove mixer. that's much simpler and easier than setting up a convoluted mousetrap using rewire and another app, even if it would be possible which it isn't.

you are thinking outside the box though, that's good.

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