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Originally Posted by Sterievo View Post

You can reduce the DSP load by bypassing devices, however there is still significant DSP usage even when a song is not playing.

One scenario is performing live and loading a new track, the DSP can overload and cause audible glitches.
For the app to do this you'd have to have the app NOT load anything and just display the graphics. The problem for live use is that you couldn't play the song until you actually DID load everything, and then you'd be using CPU. For example, in order to actually play the song, samples would have to be loaded, etc. And of course, this would then be using CPU… ;-(

So the only advantage would be that you could 'see' the song's graphics without loading the samples etc, but before you could actually 'hear' anything there would be a pause while the files actually loaded, probably defeating the whole purpose. That's how I understand it anyway. :-)
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