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Old 2013-05-21, 19:12
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Hybrid SSD are cheaper with the benefit of using SSD for the temporary cache of familiar files / routes for quicker access, I'm considering this at the moment for my laptop.

I watched a Reason 7 introductory tutorial on YouTube where Mattias mentioned something about file access times, can't remember for certain but i vaguely remember it being addressed in the q&a at the end as a development for 7.5 although 7 has vast improvements on many of the algorithms used in 6&6.5 like quantize, shuffle and alter patch etc
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Old 2013-05-23, 10:11
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I hope the problem is addressed by the Props,.. (they do not comment here!)

until then just keep bitching
Old 2013-05-27, 13:19
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any new informations about the slow filebrowser in R7 ?
Old 2013-05-27, 15:43
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Old 2013-05-27, 17:03
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ahh Speed Limit 45 !!

that´s not good!

i life in Germany..
here you can drive as fast as you can (or your car can^^)
Old 2013-05-31, 14:09
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sorry... I have to do that.
Old 2013-06-01, 04:53
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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post

sorry... I have to do that.

yer serious, I dont like hating, but fuck you guys its really annoying, you try this shit in south of italy or a council estate in uk, you breaking balls. Its like that shippment of cocaine that nearly came through, you didnt make it on flight px 7 .

Please for the love of god hend this stupid restriction nonsense, you have gone back on everything you claimed to say(they never said anything) I am not saying this to flam or hate , this is real meat and potaetoes you are handling hours of peoples life time, I really appreciate what you do, more money? just ask, please end this problem.
Bong on!!
Old 2013-06-01, 15:23
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Originally Posted by celticdale View Post
Any news about a fix for this terrible problem?
It takes me 7 minutes just to open the browser!!
Re-installed Reason 6.5.3 on a brand new 500GB
Samsung 840 SSD, still incredibly slow!!

Also, if I open one of the last songs in the File
menu, it opens fast, but if I go to Open file, it
takes several minutes just to get to the list of
saved songs!
Yeah man. It was painfully slow when I had a much slower computer. Now it's just slow. And I've upgraded from a HP 2.2 Ghz Dual Core Windows PC to a Mac i7 Quad core 3.6 Ghz I agree with most everything I've read on this subject. You shouldn't have to wait 5 sec. (spinning rainbow circle) just for your song folder to open...or 7 sec to browse for a sound or patch. I think they should have, since long ago...maybe v5, integrated some "drag and drop" type of format as well. The fact that you have to open a window for everything in and of itself makes browsing slower. I think FL Studio and Logic have the right idea on this matter.

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Old 2013-06-01, 15:30
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Browsing for Refills is THE MOST painful of all browsing!!!!!! I agree that this issue should have been addressed long before. Everyone is crying for VST support. I think this issue need not be ignored any longer. This particular aspect is what makes Reason's ....this or that.."to inspire"...non-inspirational.

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Old 2013-06-03, 03:24
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I was having this issue as well. What I did was to move ALL of my refills into the installation directory of Reason in their own folder and that seems to have speeded things up dramatically.

C:\Program Files\Propellerhead\Reason\"name of your folder with Refills in it....but organize them!"

They were previously on the same drive but in a different location. After doing this things really picked up speed. However, it's definitely a super workflow killer to not be able to browse the sounds instantaneously. I could see if it were a folder that had 1000's of refills in there not in their own directories. Windows explorer itself doesn't handle massive amounts of files like that so hard to expect Reason not to have issues if you were silly enough to plop all refills into one directory. Not sure if that will help anyone out until the Propellerheads fix this issue. It's bread and butter stuff like this that has really taken me by surprise as a new user of the software.

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