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Old 2013-05-11, 09:30
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Finding What You're Looking For -- by Pacific Deep

Hi everyone

Here's a new song from Carl & me;

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We made it with just Reason 7 and the Winter Antidote Refill that Mate (George) instigated and a bunch of you made cool patches for!

It's posted to the Winter Antidote Refill Song Challenge (see my signature). It's not an official entry, just an idea of what can be done.

Old 2013-05-20, 21:38
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as mentioned on soundcloud, i Dig it Raymondh ! great eighties vibe en beautifully mastered !

Big up !
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Old 2013-05-21, 08:11
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Very good. SO 80s you guys. Awesome.
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Old 2013-05-22, 00:44
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You guys sure have the 80's sound nailed! Nice work!
Old 2013-06-01, 07:55
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The streak of brilliance continues! Another stellar track, lads. Must be close to having a full album's worth of material by now, aren't ya? Can't wait to hear what's up next. Thanks for posting. Always a pleasure to listen to.


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