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Old 2013-05-22, 02:08
cmccann cmccann is offline
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The songs you have on soundcloud sound good. Looks like you have done well mastering using Reason. My songs sound flat so maybe I do need to look at the EQ and the mix more.

Any other comments on your typical mastering setup? or other tips?

I should probably post up some of my latest iterations and see if you have any recommendations.

Thanks for the help.
Old 2013-05-22, 02:46
snakeofjune's Avatar
snakeofjune snakeofjune is offline
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My routine tends along the following:
Splitting channels in combinators and then parallel processing and eqing channels with effects against 'dry channels'. I find this gives a lot of clarity to the sound, fills it out and stops you trying to turn the volume up.
Even before 7, which I don't have, I split all my drums and treat each drum separately, parallel processing, eqing and then putting that in a 'bus combinator'.
After i've got my individual sounds right, I use the eqs, gates, compressors etc in the mixing desk to tweak the sounds to get them to sit right.
My mastering set up is an 8 band parallel compressor patch that i've made - nothing fancy, just want it says it is - based on PH 8 band parallel compressor patch which is actually really weird in its set-up, I think.
And then I chain this to Peff's mid/side patch - available on his site.
A mono patch for a/bing mono/stereo
and finally the ozone maximiser.
Oh, and I put an eq envelop on the key for the main compressor, usually cutting response to bass and mid-mids.
More or less.

I'd be interested to hear more about what people do on their set up.
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Old 2013-05-22, 10:17
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hehe good one
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Old 2013-05-22, 12:05
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electricfusion electricfusion is online now
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Before adding a "fancy" mastering combinator or using an audio editor to master your track
you better get your mix sound right.It´s the essential step of a good sounding tune.
If your mix sounds bad,your master will sound bad as mastering,very very simply put, increases
the overall volume of the track and you´ll hear every single flaw even more.
If you send your track to a professional mastering engineer and he/she detects problems the ME
very likely will send you back to the drawing board w/ a detailed description what to fix in the mix.
It´s easier to fix something in the mix as during mastering.

As to the OP´s question....actually you can produce very good sounding masters w/ Reason
or quite the opposite.The same goes for an audio editor w/ VSTs.
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Old 2013-05-22, 13:18
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calmbird calmbird is offline
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Reason can be used for Amatour mastering. Profeesional mastering is just very very painly in Reason.

Just try Ozone Izotope or Waves, you have very precise and powerfull tools. Reason is more like auto mastering. It sounds good and is easy for use for begginers, but it's not enough for commericial mastering.

Sorry to say that, but Reason is more like toy. You can have good effects ofc!, but it is easier, better and more precise to use proffesional mastering. If you are pro OFC. If you are begginer, it will be easier for you and you will have better effects, using Reason. If you want to go pro, better forget about Reason as a mastering device.

Thats my opinion, and friendly mastering studios, that live from mastering.

They use Waves and Izotope Ozone.

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