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Old 2013-05-26, 01:12
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Originally Posted by squint0r View Post
If you're dragging a bunch of MIDI notes around, I noticed Reason will almost never "trigger" the first note in the group as you drag them around. Sometimes it triggers the lowest, sometimes some seemingly random note in the middle... it seems unpredictable and it seems like it depends on what note you "drag from".

I don't know about everyone else, but when I'm dragging notes around "by ear", I've usually got the FIRST note in my head, so hearing some other note while I'm dragging them around makes it difficult to place the notes where I want, on the piano roll.

Wouldn't it make more sense—when you're dragging a group of notes around—to have the first note be the one that is played/triggered?

Or perhaps the note you "drag from" is the note that plays, that way the user can choose which one plays while they're dragging groups of notes around. I don't want to assume everybody would want to work the same way I want to.

Does that make any sense at all? Does anyone agree?
#Co-Sign. I think it should trigger the note you grab exclusively. Sometimes it will trigger all of the notes which is really not good for the ears or the monitors, depending on the volume you are referencing at of course.

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