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Originally Posted by photocg View Post
Im also using a M-Audio Oxygen 25 (keyboard) connects and works with all the subtractor etc.
Beringer BCF-2000 as a controller (have not been able to get my faders to work with Reason but does work with Digital Performer 7 (DP7)
Interface is Tascam US-1800.
Hope that helps.
This is extremely weird and I really recommend that you contact customer support.

But first: Try disconnecting both the Oxygen and the BCF before you start recording. Does this change anything?

Because the only thing I can think of is some remote control surface sending weird signals (which would turn recording and loop off). My money is on the Behringer, since you say that you haven't been able to get the faders to work. Check the instructions in the Preferences/Control Surface page when you select the BCF - is it in the right mode, and does it have the right firmware?


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