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310 needed an extra ten minutes. It was a bit "let's take a quick last look at each of the main players" and thus is had the flickbook feel that afflicted the first half of season two.

Dany was obviously going to be last as the seasons [always?] end with her, but her third finale turned out be an insufferably cheesy and annoying scene: black man worship white, blonde woman! Really? I thought the show was smarter than that, even if the point was to contrast the end of season one where her people had deserted her and to emphasize how far she's come. It felt like a cheap victory as we didn't see the scene where the slaves threw down their weapons: that was one mistake in 309, cutting that out.

Old Grouty himself, Peter Vaughan, writes a load of letters to send throughout the kingdom, but we only find out that it's received by Stannis's crew, and thus any sense of urgency was dissipated. What did Tywin think? Even if it was just a cursory "oh, it's in the north, doesn't affect me", a scene between him and Varys discussing the white walkers would have been much preferable to the well-played but largely unnecessary one between Varys and Tyrion's ex (name failure...). To me that's the most frustrating thing that's still, er, dangling... and there weren't many things still dangling at the end, ahem.

Meanwhile The Bastard Jon Snow rides a galloping horse, bareback, probably for miles across country with three arrows in him... and he falls off his steed and collapses right outside the gate of Castle Black. Couldn't hang on just 30 seconds longer then?

We finally get some reunions - Sam's with Jon was great to see; Kingslayer and Cersei - now that was nearly interesting. Cersei is a despicable, shallow figure, while the Kingslayer has actually become a sympathetic character with his journey with Brienne. And yet it was kind of a blink and you'll miss it moment and Cersei's reaction I found really hard to read: was she surprised, pleased, shocked, unhappy or, as played, totally indifferent?

But what about Arya and The Hound, though? They need a whole episode to themselves; a brilliant pairing.

And I hope Gendy's boat got dashed on the big outcrop right behind him. Never even been in boat before? Exactly how is he going to row around it?!!

A few niggles aside, that was a brilliant season of TV.

Roll on August 12th! I see Mate already bumped the BB thread
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