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Just to weigh in here, I work in IT. I believe the logic in requiring the OS upgrade is 2 fold:

The OS's beyond Snow leopard (lion & mountain lion) use 64bit core processing which allows applications to address MORE memory and do so more efficiently. (this relates to floating point integers, RAM usage). Snow leopard was a stop gap OS which operated with both legacy and newer applications, it enabled developers to code for the future releases whilst maintaining support for their older apps in the mean time.

If Propellerhead built software for both older operating systems, then the people who have upgraded would be limited by the legacy aspects of the applications, or bloated installations, multiple confusing downloads (like avid.... horrific 5GB download, version confusion)

The price of the application would also have to be a LOT higher because of the need to double the effort required to program for old 86 chips and newer 64s.

I use mountain lion in my studio. It's robust and fast. Perhaps users are expecting a windows type experience, where the new operating system is slower? That's not been my experience with apple software. Mountain lion seems faster than lion, mavericks will be even faster.

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