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Reason improved me alot

Short story if you like stories

I'v always loved to make melodies. I live in country that average earnings are 500euro, high qualified specialists earn like double/triple of. In the past I'v been using illegal VST+Daw Programs. I had like 200 GB of plugins and liberites, probably I would have to pay like 1000€ for them to be legal.

But making music it was not serious think, even if I wanted it to be serious. I'v started to do it wrong. I had synthesizers that sounded so amazing, so I didn't need to add aditional reverb, combine synths, etc. I was just using semi automated VST, puting everything together and... the final tune was awfull. Even if concept and melody was beautyfull, melody was lost in overlayed/oversynthed instruments. 0 mastering, 0 mixing, 0 anything. I didn't even know what mastering&mixing was. I'v also wasting time to find this one good preset that will fit, among thousands of them.

Also I'v felt very bad, that I'm creating something precious like music, on stolen tools, that someone else put alot of effort to make them.
-- And if everyone had stolen it not bought, then tool maker had to stop making tools and find another job to live on. No more great tools for us. A lot of people don't understand, that world would be a lot better: If you can't aford 1000 EURO tool, buy 100 EURO tool. You don't need a super car to get far. And then you are also giving chance for average tool makers, that making semi great tools, and can develop themselves to make great tools. You think they will ask great amount of money then? Ofc not.;

Reason era.
So finaly I'v decided to buy Reason 6. Couldn't use pirate version, because of good antypiracy protection. It didn't sound as great as those expensive VST. I didn't have plenty of presets. Well I bought it already so I had to get used to it. I'v started to read what is main mixer, about all those devices, what is mixing/mastering. It was a lot lighter to chose from tighter amount of presets. I'v learnt how to combine synths to get better sound, how to add reverbs, how compressors work, about fequency eaters that you have to keep similar frequencies on Left, Right and "Mid" channel, that they wont eat eachothers. I'v learnt alot overaly about Mastering/Mixing. Every day I'm learning something new. Like few days ago I'v learnt that for drums it is better to use two compressors on soft settings, than one on hard. You won't lose dynamics then...
And also this feeling I'm working on legal programs.

Now I'm comparing my new melodies made in Reason vs old melodies made in those great and expensive VST and DAWS. And those new sound a lot better. They are more clear, sound good on speakers/headphones. Listener can finaly focus on main melody insteed of synth bombarding that is not lost among ferquencies anymore (where is melody?).

Reason future
PH Reason has changed my life alot. And I love it for that. PH crew you are number one for me, I will never drop Reason for other DAW it is sentimental for me.

Mby I will even buy Radicall Piano if it will be cheaper abit ^^

If you had enough patient to read that, thank you very much!
And lets make some great music ^^

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