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Originally Posted by Hecate View Post
I came here to look for some ReWire assistance as well. If anyone can share their success, great:

It would seem ProTools 10.3.5 and Reason 7.01 are a bit buggy when they're linked up - I can monitor the Reason L+R on the Instrument Track in ProTools, but I can't send it through an AUX and Record onto an Audio Track. When the transport is in Play/Record, audio signal is going to both the Instrument and Aux channels, but not onto the armed Audio Track. When you hit Stop on the transport, you hear a short snippit of audio on the Audio Track, but otherwise the routing doesn't seem to work as it should.

As for your MIDI question, Jack - can you not record the MIDI data onto the Instrument Track in ProTools while it's ReWire host? Make sure your MIDI controller is the designated source, make sure you can see the note data on the track's grid, and the track is armed - that should work, no? Another work around would be to Export the MIDI data from Reason (probably only in standalone mode).

As to your first problem - do you have the input of the Aux track in Pro Tools set to the same audio output coming from Reason 7? In other words with the little Rewire window open in PT - the output that it shows - do you have that same output selected as an input of the PT Aux track? If you have just one audio path coming back from Reason try switching the path in the little Rewire window to another output pair and set the PT Aux track to that. Works for me no problem.

I can record the MIDI to either an Instrument or MIDI track in PT - that's never been the problem. Note messages, sustain messages, cc7 volume messages, etc. all show up just fine in the recorded PT track. It's getting Reason to respond to the cc7 volume message that is the problem. With a single routing to the Combinator cc7 messages get ignored; I have to do multiple routings from the single MIDI or Instrument track in PT to Reason which is easy to do but a pain when it could be much easier.
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