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Originally Posted by mrjassonturner View Post
I have always said since 2010 that if you are using Toad Poo....I mean ProTools LE or M-Powered, you're not using the real ProTools. What I mean is, the more affordable versions are not even shadows of the HD TDM systems. When you get past the shiny logos and really get under the hood of both, it's like comparing apples to sheet metal. I totally get the fascination for the HD system, but the admiration for the non-professional versions is beyond me.

The Reason environment definitely helped me make the transition from Hard to Software production. I can't say enough how much I adore the Reason environment. Reason 7 has definitely made leaps and bounds from previous versions. But so have other Daws. From Reason v5 to v7, there has been exponential changes. You think other Daws haven't made similar changes at this magnitude? I think as a producer of music, we may do ourselves a disservice by remaining closed minded about other tools. Not that anyone expressed this sentiment. But I honestly don't believe one has less of an affinity for a Daw just because they explore.

Technology is always changing, rapidly.(software/ AI's) , music is always changing...and the tools used to create music routinely are being modified and tweaked. On the other hand, another point of view could be, "you never miss what you never had."

As far as my next microphone, I 'm looking very hard at the Mojave Audio MA-200.
Absolutely! I totally agree!
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