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Originally Posted by Stompp View Post
Hey Phasys! One of the forum regulars (Esselfortium) is heavily involved with a team in the still-thriving Doom mapping & modding community - if you're up for some new levels sometime then I thoroughly recommend the excellent first episode of their Back To Saturn X project which was released last year.
Thanks! I shall check that out soon!

I used to play Q3A and UT99 obsessively back in the day, and Q3A is often the first thing I install on a new comp! Still feels so perfectly balanced after all these years. I used to play a mod for UT99 called Infiltration a lot - it added quite novel (for the time) features such as iron-sights aiming and real-world weapons that have since become very popular. Reading this thread, I'm itching to play it again!
We should get together a group and play some UT with fellow PUF users.
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omfg one million megahurz CPU

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