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Old 2013-06-23, 20:12
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Interesting side note: engineers including home studio engineers worked for many decades without being able to see the exact frequency they were EQing - every analog console ever made lacks this feature and it never slowed anyone down that I know of.

I'll even posit the argument that allowing exact values to be typed in leads to mixing with your eyes instead of your ears, where having little to no numeric feedback actually leads to the opposite. Even after over 30 years of engineering experience, I never have an exact frequency in my mind when I hear an 'issue' that needs to be addressed with EQ, only general area to start exploring. And even the Uhe EQ (also with no frequencies for some reason) works fine for this application, and sounds great btw - I'd not give up that EQ just because I can't read the frequency I'm using. But again, I'm used to listening for such things.

Which leads me to my idea for "Audio Ear Training", a tutorial series I'm very interested in developing since it seems it would be as useful for many folks as it has been for me. Before proceeding, I'm investigating what would be the quickest path for folks to acquire these needed skills, so any input would be appreciated. :-)
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