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Old 2013-06-28, 08:40
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Id like stuff from native instruments, like if they got kontact player to work in reason as a proper re it would open huge doors to amazing libraries!!

But id love to see spectrasonics atmosphere and omniphere aswel!
Old 2013-06-29, 00:09
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If anyone knows about 'Boids' and how they could fit into Reason enviroment,should'nt be too hard for a cunning RE developer to code.It's a fairly old idea,but i can see a lot of potential in the rack.Nudge nudge wink wink.
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Old 2013-06-29, 00:17
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Originally Posted by Jopsun View Post
I'm interested, is there one specific RE you're waiting for - either entirely new or a VST port/hardware emulation - that you'd freak out about if it popped up in the RE Shop tomorrow?
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Waves RE bundles would be great.

IK's Amplitube would be great too.

I mean, any popular VSTs that could port over to REs would be great. Spectrasonics stuff, Alchemy, whatever.

But if not, Reason is great as it is. It's fantastic. It's all gravy from here on.
Old 2013-06-29, 00:59
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re-mix---- one button painless remix with no thought or work... lol
Old 2013-06-29, 01:33
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All I want is impossible with the current SDK kit, but anyways:
- Madrona Labs Aalto (best interface ever and superb detailed sound)
- Sonic Charge UTonic (best techno drum synth in existence)
- Anything Ohm Force (essential plugins)
- AAS Chromaphone (one of a kind)
- A proper convolution reverb (algo will never compete)

Ohm Force havent released a new plugin in 7 years, but their stuff is just so good they don't need to.
Old 2013-06-29, 13:15
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I asked for an automatic mixer with artificial intelligence once. It COULD happen. :-]

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Old 2013-06-29, 14:24
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It's about time that GForce releases something new.

Other than that I'd like to see the Wavestation and M1 from KORG.
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Old 2013-06-29, 14:40
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Originally Posted by Smedberg View Post
A transferrable one?
Old 2013-06-30, 01:27
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sylenth, zeta 2, massive etc

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