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Old 2013-06-19, 17:00
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Originally Posted by MrPaully View Post
If you're really happy with it, why do you need an RE version?
now I do not need the RE-Version
and I do not think that the RE-version would sound as good as the original hardware.
Old 2013-07-01, 06:04
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I have the PolyEvolver keyboard and Rack for a total of 8 voices. To be honest, in comparison to older classic analogues the DSI lacks a lot in basic warmth (you really have to work on tiny modulations of a few parameters to get it to sound like a JX10 for instance)... however taken on its own merit it is a killer synth.... I think the 2 x analogue oscs + 2 x digi osc allows some really great sounds...

It's a pity the PEK has so many bugs... the desktop can do things the PEK can't...

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