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Old 2013-07-10, 01:44
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Originally Posted by selig View Post
I guess you missed it when I posted it a few posts back:

I believe that what you are calling "red" isn't clipping, it's an arbitrary level set by the software on the Channel's VU meters. Since digital meters don't go above 0 dBF, I'm guessing you're using VU offset on the channels (the default), which is causing you to believe the VU levels (not the peak levels BTW) are reading @ + 8 dBFS - this is not accurate. The meters are reading +8 dB above the VU OFFSET which is probably at the default of -12 dB (set in the Big Meter above the Master Section in the Rack View), NOT above the clipping point of the hardware output, 0 dBFS.

Glad you got it, even if my explanation missed the mark! ;-)
Got it. And thank you. Gotta love these forums.

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