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Old 2013-07-10, 10:26
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Originally Posted by Djjimmyc View Post
create a thor and via CV use thors LFO1 to modulate the parameter of your choice on either subtractor or malstrom.

Bung this all in a combi so sound and modulation sources are triggered at the same time.
i know about the routing capabilities in reason and i love it but sometimes it can be very annoying when you must load tons of stuff in the rack for such simple things like a key and tempo synced lfo in subtractor or malström for e.g., in such cases the rack also can gets very fast confusing and the sequencer too because you have to double, triple etc. all the midi tracks.

that's why i think it might be the right time to update all the classic devices like subtractor, nn-19 or malström and the classic effects with such contemporary workflow optimized enhancements, they could update it with relatively little effort i think but for the workflow it would be a huge improvement and it keeps the rack a bit cleaner.

Originally Posted by colcifer View Post
Each voice gets its own lfo.
that's true but that's not key sync (as i expected)
sine metu

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