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Old 2013-07-12, 22:23
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Quick-find feature - like "Goto Anything" in Sublime Text

I would love a quick-find input popup like the one in Sublime Text called "Goto Anything", or the one in the Alfred app for OSX.

I see two implementations co-existing:
1. A global quick-find that would allow you load a patch (and it's intrument/effect whatever) or a song or anything "loadable".
2. A local quick-find that is bound to the currently selected device. It would work similarly to the current "Browse" feature - only load compatible files.

And I envision the following flow for them:
1. Use a Key Command to open either global or local quick-find dialog/overlay.
2. Start typing
3. As you type, the best matched file in the cache (maybe generated from the favorite directories you have specified in the "Browse" dialog) is highlighted. Here it would be nice to also present extra meta-data if available (song length and tempo for songs, sample length and resolution data for samples etc...).
4a. The highlighted file is instantly used if possible - i.e. if you have selected a synth and the quick-find feature finds a patch - it will be loaded into the synth. This option might be too resource heavy (loading synths and patches as you type) - see 4b.
4b. The highlighted file is only used if you press a special key - like the space-bar or similar. It is then loaded and useable.
5. Pressing enter closes the dialog/overlay. Pressing escape closes it and unloads anything loaded.

The challenge here would, as I see it, be to create a fast searchable index and a decent matching-algo that allows you to type, say: "808 kick" and it would yield a list of hits similar to:
"somedir/Roland TR-808/kick01.wav"
"somedir/Roland TR-808/kick02.wav"
"somedir/Roland TR-808/kick03.wav"

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