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@mehandi: why do all your 3 posts yet look like they were generated by a program?

the only thing i see, are quotes and redundant (none) information. are you a human being? is this a joke? i mean rephrasing the same shit as in the very first post here? did you consider reading your PC's manual (and/or) download its driver for the mainboard? did you read some of the >10000 threads in this very forum in order to obtain a solution for your problems (theres a search function aswell you know)?

your "answers" do not help anyone in any way nor serve any logical sense despite being like a beo sitting in its cage & repeating each single word it snaps up thin air.

sorry for raging, but recently the forum gets spammed with trivial things, and your posts come very close to that niveau. /rageend.

@all others: after you've read his 3 previous posts, and concluded the same = fine, thank you.

edit: shit, it looks iam on my period grrr

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