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Stealth Tactic - Welcome to the Void

Hello my fellow Reasonites. After a year of getting to grips with this complicated beast, this is my first, semi-finished, rough-draft, raw and unrefined tune made entirely in Reason. I've thrown in a touch of Reggae, a dash of Funk and a large helping of Electro. I'd say it sounds a bit like a stoned Daft Punk going through a mid-life crisis. Gut feel is that it's not a total abomination in the ear-holes and that I may have one or two good ideas.

But what do you think? Am I on the right track or is it an omnishambles of epic proportions? Should I proceed or should I hit my computermatron with a hammer, reject the digital and go back to the good old fashioned analogue? Should I hunker down, actually learn how to use the mixer, read the manuals and work out what the hell CV is? Should I delete this tune and go back to using t'internet as it was intended? *Cough*. Hints, tips, comments and quips will all be gratefully received.

Much love


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